We are taught to consume. And that’s what we do. But if we realized that there really is no reason to consume, that it’s just a mind set, that it’s just an addiction, then we wouldn’t be out there stepping on people’s hands climbing the corporate ladder of success. - River Phoenix (via smashing-yng-man)

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What would you do with a million dollars or do you have a million dollar?

River: i dont have million dollars but if i did i would buy a tropical forest and save it from a destrution by those greedy bastard the roam the planet. Sleazy slime fucks.

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"He bought up acres and acres of forests. He did not invest in condos; he bought rain forests. He spent thousands and thousands of dollars, just so they wouldn’t be cut down. That’s what he was doing with his money."


~ William Richert, director -(A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon) and co-star - (My Own Private Idaho)

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